a madeandi's life

By Nur Hasyim

Once again, the news on a brutal rape case in Tasikmalaya, West Java has been shaking the nation. An eight-year-old girl was sexually abused by her boy friend and experienced serious injury on her reproductive organ. The news also reported that the Manonjaya resident found her around rail way track in a very critical condition in which her entire body was covered by blood. Luckily, she was rescued and taken to local hospital for a medical intervention (detiknews 21/5/2013).

Whenever rape case happens, the immediate question coming across our mind is why does it happen? Is it merely about inability of perpetrators, who are mostly men, to control their sexual desire? Or are there any other factors on which the criminal act is based? It also naturally begs a question: why is the sexual violence so prevalent in Indonesia, which is considered as a religious nation, and…

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